We were elated to welcome Paul Garbett of Garbett Design to Shillington Sydney for a guest lecture. Not only is their portfolio packed full with clever and colourful work, but Paul had some expert words of wisdom to share with our students as they embark on careers in the creative industry.


Garbett Design’s Tips for a Meaningful Career

Love what you do. “You don’t have to be great at the start, but do what you love because you’ll want to learn and grow throughout your career.”

Find your own voice. “It’s easy to mimic a style and make it look super slick. Go your own journey. Do the hard work—it will be far more rewarding for you personally.”

Fill your well. “Stay switched on. Gathering all your research and inspiration makes your creative process so much richer. If you’re feeling stuck, you can always delve into your well and explore.”

Make it better. “At Garbett Design, we live by this motto. Why do we love what we do? We want to make an improvement in our client’s world and beyond.”

Make your own fun. “You won’t always get the ideal brief. Relook at briefs and bend them to your will. Make things fun for yourself and interesting.”

Play often. “Enjoy the craft and do side projects for your own growth.”

Give a sh*t. “Care about something. Care about the work you do. Caring leads to a meaningful career.”

Set goals. “Aim high and keep reviewing your goals.”

Make friends. “Be involved in your community. Make friends with your clients—you build trust and can do better work.”

It’s all about attitude and perception. “Your attitude is probably the only thing you have control over. It’s not about what happens to you but how you respond.”

We look forward to welcoming Garbett Design back to Shillington soon! In the meantime, follow the studio on Instagram, Twitter and check out their website.

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