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Posted by: Corrie
Posted: Jan 18th 2012
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Art of the Menu is a blog dedicated to showcasing beautifly designed menu's - a rarity but when they're good they are good! 

Warning: don't look at it if you're hungry!


"As designers we make fun — and it’s usually the first thing we notice — of menus that use Comic Sans or Papyrus because it’s an easy critique, like shooting really ugly fish in a tiny barrel with a shotgun. Oddly enough though, we rarely praise a good menu. We probably simply enjoy the fact that we can browse through the options without being distracted by silly fonts and we don’t feel the need to comment further on it. But if you think about it, menus are the meeting point of otherwise widely celebrated design practices.
Above all, a good menu is about expertly executed typography: It has to be clear, legible (sometimes just under candle light), and representative of the cuisine. Menus are a light version of data visualization and information design: Helping the diner navigate between courses, options, and prices. Menus are big canvases, much like the album covers we mourn with such despair. Menus are tactile, allowing designers to explore materials and finishes. At a restaurant, the menu is the ultimate ambassador for the establishment’s identity: Logo front and center on the cover. A good menu adds to the overall brand experience.
But who are we kidding? A good menu should make you hungry. It should get your mouth watering. Hopefully it does it in a cool-looking way. And if it does, then you will probably find it here, on Art of the Menu."

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